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Workers at Common Ground Narooma

Here’s just some of the coworkers that have stayed at Common Ground Narooma recently.

We’ve seen a lot of professionals away on a working holiday to get out of the city!

From Sydney, Canberra and even some travelling from France, we’ve had Jean-Baptiste, Operations Manager at Uber Eats, Alyse from Strategy at Woolworths, and Juan & Rosia running digital ad work with Amazon! Amazing who you meet in workplace like this!

We’ve also hosted Nicole, who’s worked in Telstra & Optus spheres and currently working in a consultancy firm managing the rollout of some big changes at one of our major media outlets, as well as Ossie and Andre who both work and manage teams in the cloud development sphere.

Everyone’s providing positive feedback: they love the space, location, fast internet and private meeting room for confidential chats & phone calls. The internet has been blazing fast and supports individuals running through VPNs for security.

If you’re working from home locally and need a great place to work, please come on over see if Common Ground works for you!

You’ll find we’ve got very competitive long term rates that are far cheaper than most cowork spaces you’ll see in larger cities and the South Coast. We’ve got a 2-3 permanent residents that we’ll introduce soon…